Sector Focus

Harmony Capital's Sector Focus

Harmony Capital’s historical investment record has been sector agnostic. However, certain sectors in Asia have been and continue to be attractive.


Energy and Resources


Asian/ Global demand volatility.

Supply constraints.

Technology shifts.



Asia continues to be a global manufacturing hub due to improving skills and sustainable cost benefits.

Increasing local demand for consumer and industrial products.

Healthcare & Life Sciences


Aging population.

Increased disposable incomes.

Medical tourism.

Limited high quality medical facilities in some countries.



Internet proliferation continues.

A disruptive business model.

Redefining the financial sector.

Food and Agriculture


Increase in disposal income.

Increased protein consumption.

Reduced supply of arable land due to urbanisation and land degradation.

Property Related


Assessable income stream.

Ease of valuation.

Ability to obtain leverage.

Hard asset backing.